Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank God for Tax Deductions!!!

Life has been really busy lately. Jackson is growing and is becoming more and more active. He loves to run his momma ragged! A new thing he does is saying, "Huh" when he knows he is doing something wrong. He loves the outside and refuses to come inside most of the time. He cracks me and Scott up! We love him to pieces and we are so glad God gave him to us!
There is not really too much to say, but check the bottom of the post for tax deduction information that some of you have not thought of, it comes in HANDY!!

Jackson with his hair spiked up! :)

"Papaw, this is how you do it!!! "

Sitting on the train, waiting to get someplace!

I love relaxin with my mommy!

What's that???

Mama always said spaghetti was good!! She sure was RIGHT!!!

Yummy!! I want some more!

Happy munchkin!!

I LOVE making Messes!!
Reading with daddy at Bed time!

Am I cute or what??

PSSSST!!! come here guys!! I have a secret!!!
My momma is going to have a BABY!!!!!
I'm going to be a big brother!!
(nice tax deduction secret huh??)