Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Attention Ladies

I am sorry that it has been awhile since my last blog. Here is what has been going on in my life for the past month almost.

I have been busy being a momma and trying to be a good wife and doing it all at the same time. I think I am pretty much learning how to balance it all. I am going to post some new pictures of Jackson that I think you all will enjoy. He has grown so much over the last few weeks. On Feburary the 4th, Jackson turned two months old. He went to the doctor for his two month check-up and shots on the 4th. The offical weigh in at the doctors office was 13 pounds and 8 ounces and 24 inches long. All and all he is in the 90% for height and weight.

Feburary 5th was my first day back to work. I thought I was going to lose my mind. But the day ending up being okay. I did all my crying the night before. When I got home from work Jackson was full of smiles for me. Oh, I love him to pieces. Which leads me to my next bragging session.

On the 6th I called to ask Scott how his day was going. He told me to call the hospitals shipping/receiving department because of a package that was there. I called down and they finally located what was sent. I went down and picked up the package pictured below.

Inside the package was a beautiful arrangment of flowers. Tulips and irises filled the ruby red vase. Not all of the flowers have bloomed quite yet though. Upon futher examining of the flowers I noticed a little card. Here is the card and what it said.

I am sorry about the poor quality of the copy so I will type out what it said.
I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for me. I can't wait til we can spend tomorrow together. I know you didn't want to leave but I understand and love you even that much more.
-Love, Jackson"
I just love my men in my life. My husband Scott and my little boy Jackson Scott.